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The Rhine-Ruhr Institute for Social Research and Policy Consulting (RISP) is an affiliated institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen. RISP has been undertaking projects for over 30 years in applied social science, evaluation and consulting. Clients includethe EU, federal and state ministries, local authorities and foundations, associations and companies.

The pace of structural change in the Rhine-Ruhr region and the growing trend in recent years towards globalization bringnew challenges to those responsible in politics and government, industry and science. RISP observes and analyzes these developments and makes a systematic contribution to tackling them through its applied research.The environment, climate change and energy policy are central topics at the Institute.


Role in the project

When planning major plant developments and complex supply networks, it is essential that the political actors and the population at local and regional level are part of the process from an early stage. For this reason, socioscientific research is being carried out by RISP to accompany the project. Its main areas of interest are:

      • Awareness, position and attitude of the population in relation to the possible project for an underground pumped storage plant in the region.
      • Reporting in the media (including discussion on the internet) and
      • appraisal by the local and regional actors and stakeholders.

The methods applied by the researchers will include analysis of the secondary literature on the relevant topics, a representative survey of the population, expert interviews and focus group discussions. Media screening will also be performed on an ongoing basis.