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Make the change.
RAG stands for energy supply, worldwide mining expertise, economic strength, and increasingly also for the use of mining infrastructure for renewable energy projects. Challenges are very much part of the past and present history of RAG. Accepting and solving them is part of its tradition and at the same time its task for the future.

German coal mining is the core business of RAG, and since 1998 this is where all the activities of the domestic coal industry have been focused. With three coal mines in North Rhine-Westphalia, the company is an important client and employer in the Ruhr area.

The German coal industry remains a reliable partner in the region and will actively shape the adjustment process in a socially acceptable way. At the same time, it has for decades been developing mining technology with a worldwide reputation. German engineering expertise, coupled with many years of experience, is in worldwide demand. RAG Mining Solutions offers this expertise to the global market.

The RAG Aktiengesellschaft group further includes RAG MontanImmobilien, a specialist in innovative services relating to land use. It originates and develops customer-oriented concepts for former industrial areas and brownfield sites.
RAG Verkauf GmbH is responsible for marketing German coal products and guaranteeing a reliable supply to customers.